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Fiber Goat Show(2017)

Maine Fiber Frolic - Fiber Goat Show
Sunday, June 4
Youth Showmanship & Open Class Show
12:00 PM – Workshop for Youth Participants
12:30 PM – Youth Showmanship
1:00 PM – Open Fiber Goat Evaluation & Show
Click here for registration form as .pdf
Click here for registration form as Word

The Fiber Goat Show is open to all exhibitors with fiber-bearing caprine (Angora, Cashmere, Cashgora, Pygora, Nigora, fiber crosses) . All animals for exhibits must be from Maine & have approved USDA sheep & goat ID: tattoo, tag, or microchip. Animals do not need to be registered with any association for this show. Does and wethers of any age but only bucks under one year can be shown. Those showing cashmere, pygora, or Nigora goats in the open class should bring the animal’s spring combing/clip. Ribbons will be awarded for 1st through 3rd places in each class.

All entrants must pre-register to participate. Pens are limited to 4 goats (pens are 8 feet by 8 feet). Goats are expected to be penned by 8:30 AM (vehicles off the grounds) and remain on exhibit before & after the show. Exhibitors are encouraged to post signs and/or provide information regarding their goat breed, fiber type, farm/owner, animal names & be available in the area to answer questions during non-show times. This is an opportunity to educate the public about the wonders of goats and the great fiber they produce.

Exhibitors need to provide feed & water for their animals, Fiber Frolic will provide straw bedding. We hope that you will be able to spend the day, if not, you may leave after the show but you will need to walk your animals & equipment off the fairgrounds. No motor vehicles are allowed on the grounds during festival open hours.

Youth Showmanship – 16 years old and younger

Judging is based on animal presentation and handling in the ring by the exhibitor and will be done on the Danish system. The judge may ask participants about general goat care & handling. Goats must be owned by the participant or her/his family for this class. Any age/sex/breed fiber goat may be entered.
  • Novice – has shown sheep or goats less than 3 times
  • Experienced – has shown sheep or goats 3 or more times

Fiber Goat Evaluation & Show

Judging is based on body confirmation & fiber quality/production for the breed. If there are sufficient entries classes will be divided by sex (does, bucks & wethers), breed, and/or age.
  • Kids – under 1 year
  • Yearlings
  • 2 years old & older