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2016 Vendors

Vendors, if there is an error in your information, please let us know and we will correct the problem

A Hundred Ravens
Rebecca Purdin
Kate Bachus
Brookline, NH
Phone: 5085960201
E-mail: abecca@ahundredravens.com
Website:  www.ahundredravens.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Hand dyed yarns in superwash 100% Merino and 50/50 BFL/silk
A Riot of Color
Susan Eiseman Levitin

Worcester, MA
Phone: 5082540447
E-mail: ariotofcolor63@gmail.com
Website:  www.ariotofcolor.etsy.com
Building: Building 2

Yarn and fiber (mostly wool and wool blends). Knitting patterns, project bags, stitch markers. Dealer for National Custon Spin Works wheel
A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm
Marty Elkin
Mary Ann Haxton
Sumner, ME
Phone: 2072124058
E-mail: info@awrinkleinthymefarm.com
Website:  www.awrinkleinthymefarm.com
Building: Building 1

Thyme Tile needlefelting kits, needle felting tools, needle felted art, roving to felt and spin, yarns - natural and dyed, batts to felt and spin, knitted items, knitting kits, knitting books, colored curly locks
ACE Sharpening
Neill Peterson

Belfast, ME
Phone: 2075055587
E-mail: acesatsea@gmail.com
Building: Lawn

Expert sharpening of scissors (including knife edge), knives and pruning tools, free-hand diamon process preserves blades
Acker's Acres Angoras
Beth Acker

New Gloucester, ME
Phone: 2079264921
E-mail: backer@maine.rr.com
Website:  www.bunnyblend.com
Building: Building 2

Angora and Bunny Blend fiber, yarn, finshed goods - hats, scarves, mittens. Drop spindles, spinning wheels, bunnies.
Adirondack Yarns
Sue Coffrin
Peter Coffrin
Lake Placid, NY
Phone: 5185239230
E-mail: suecoffrin@gmail.com
Website:  www.adirondackyarns.com
Building: Building 2

Contemporary designs in a variety of natural fibers including merino wool, alpaca, linen, silk and bambo, as well as our own design of washable merino and hand dyed yarn
Avalon Handbags
Norma McDonough

Gardiner, ME
Phone: 2075822318
E-mail: avalonbags@gmail.com
Building: Lawn

Handknit 100% wool bags, fully lined, with /handmade buttons, water stained leather straps, wooden/acrylic handles, freehand needle felted designs
B bar C Farm
Penny L. Bohac-Cardello

Hampden, ME
Phone: 2078623643
E-mail: bbarc@gmail.com
Building: Beef Cattle Barn

German Angora rabbits, yarn, raw wool, knit hats
Back Forty Farm
Stacy Dill

New Sharon, ME
Phone: 2074918716
E-mail: stacydill@yahoo.com
Building: Beef Cattle Barn

Yarn goods, roving, handmade items, bunnies, angora products
Bag End Suri Alpacas of Maine LLC
Jill McElderry-Maxwell

Pittsfield, ME
Phone: 2076605276
E-mail: bagendsuris@gmail.com
Website:  www.bagendsuris.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Suri yarns and roving, soap felting kits, peg looms, pet products made of alpaca fiber, alpaca themed jewelry, socks, project bags and traingle woven shawls
Barber's Bunnies
Anna Barber

Bremen, ME
Phone: 2075295977
E-mail: abarber@tidewater.net
Building: Beef Cattle Barn

Angra rabbits, angora fiber, angora yarn, angroa/merino roving, angora knitwear, nun and needle felted items.
Bead Biz
Jean Elizabeth Glass

Guilford, CT
Phone: 5042200835
E-mail: jean@beadbiz.org
Website:  www.beadbiz.org
Building: Building 1

Beads, yarn, patterns, kits and tools for knitting crochet and fiber crafts with beads.
Big Sky Farm Handweaving
Lee Greenwalt

Shoreham, VT
Phone: 8027582598
E-mail: leliaphg@hotmail.com
Website:  www.leeweaves.weebly.com
Building: Building 2

Handwoven wool blankets, rag rugs, hand towels; hand knit caps and mittens
Blind Buck Farm
Lubna Z. Dabbagh

Salem, NY
Phone: 5188549382
E-mail: lubna@blindbuckfarm.com
Website:  www.blindbuckfarm.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Natural yarns from our animals:Merino, mohair, Leicester Longwool and Angora; square needles made in the USA; hand-made stitch markers
Botanical Shades
Jody McKenzie

Round Pond, ME
Phone: 2075292127
E-mail: jodymcknz@gmail.com
Website:  www.botanicalshades.net
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Natural fiber yarns, fleece, roving and batts, hand-dyed with natural dyes, natural dyes, handwoven blankets
Catawampus Farm
Janet Beardsley

Minot, ME
Phone: 2077862158
E-mail: catawampusfarm@gmail.com
Website:  www.catawampus.etsy.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Natural and handpainted/kettle dyed yarns, wool and mohair rovings, wool and mohair locks
Cedar Valley Fibers
Kelly McKenzie

Albion, ME
Phone: 2074372370
E-mail: cedarvalleyfibers@gmail.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Spinning and felting wool, yarn, hand knits
Corgi Court Fiber Arts
Joyce Schwaller

Naples, ME
Phone: 7325677972
E-mail: joyceschwallercs@gmail.com
Building: Lawn

Needle felted tapestry pillows and needle felted animal sculptures, my specialty is a minature needle felted bear collection called 'Yoga Bears'
Crazy Momma Productions LLC
Jessica Peill-Meininghaus

Burnham, ME
Phone: 2074655293
E-mail: happymomma2b@gmail.com
Website:  www.themoongoat.com
Building: Lawn

I create needle felted wool paintings (pictures), felted hair accessories, as well as, felted gnomes (featured in the new book from Countryman Press called The Gnome Project). I also create small, medallion needle felted pictures
Creative Sheepskins
Deidre O'Hara

Montclair, NJ
Phone: 7322338804
E-mail: creativesheepskins@gmail.com
Building: Building 2

High quality sheepskins, wearable acessories made from sheepskins and home décor items in Norwegian craft known as shinnfell.
Crows Rise Farm
Karen Cornell

Anson, ME
Phone: 2076963345
E-mail: thebunnylady87@yahoo.com
Website:  www.crowrisefarm.com
Building: Beef Cattle Barn

Angora and alpaca hats, mittens, scarves, sweaters, headbands, baby garments, felted hats, some wool items, swifts and drop spindles. English angora rabbits.
Drina's Designs
Cindy Arnold

Auburn, ME
Phone: 2074496850
Website:  www.facebook.com/drinasdesigns
Building: Lawn

Stich Markers, earrings
Dunn Spun Yarn
Laun Dunn
Mike Dunn
Coal Township, PA
Phone: 5706440902
E-mail: customerservice@dunnspunyarn.com
Website:  www.dunnspunyarn.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

and-dyed and naturan rovings, handspun yarn, handturned knitting needles
Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm
Ellen Minard

Norwich, VT
E-mail: ellenshalfpintfarm@gmail.com
Website:  www.ellenshalfpintfarm.com
Building: Building 2

Hand painted yarns and fibers, knitting supplies - needles, winders, kits, buttons, beads, woolwash
Ellyn Cooper's Yarn Sonnets
Ellyn Cooper

Sprague, CT
Phone: 8608220829
E-mail: ecyarnsonnets@sbcglobal.net
Website:  ellyncoopersyarnsonnet.biz
Building: Building 1

Hand-dyed yarns, buttons, patterns, garments, new coloring pages based on coloways
End of the World Farm
Katie Jarius

Fayette, ME
Phone: 2076854199
E-mail: eow_farm@yahoo.com
Building: Lawn

Hand dyed roving, yarn, locker hooking kits, knttied items
Evergreen Farm
Louise Walsh

Taunton, MA
Phone: 5088232377
E-mail: louisewalsh@usa.net
Website:  www.evergreenfarm.biz
Building: Beef Cattle Barn

Angora rabbits, hand spun yarns, fibers, handcrafted wearables.
Farm Family Insurance
Betty Boghosian
Dan Foster
Augusta, ME
Phone: 2076224646
E-mail: betty.boghosian@farmfamily.com
Building: Lawn

Farm Family Insurance
Fields Edge Farm
Kimberly Trider-Grant

Leeds, ME
Phone: 2075245642
E-mail: fieldsedgefarm@roadrunner.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Clun Forest wool, raw fleeces, hand dyed and blended batts, yarn hand spun and mill spun, a variety of kits and tools to inspire your fiber creativity
Fields of Fiber
Karen Dunn

Winthrop, ME
Phone: 2074413107
E-mail: kdunn72@roadrunner.com
Website:  www.fieldsoffiber.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Wool and mohair roving, batts, yarn, some finished products
Frelsi Farm Icelandics
Elaine Clark

Limerick, ME
Phone: 2076533193
E-mail: frelsi@roadrunner.com
Website:  www.mainesheepfarm.com
Building: Lawn

Icelandic wool, yarn, fleece, yarn exotic blends, sheep pelts, horn buttons, sheep milk soap, roving
French Hill Farm
Diane Trussell
Bill Trussell
Solon, ME
Phone: 2076432111
E-mail: frenchill@tds.net
Building: Building 1

Coopworth yarn, roving, fleeces, handmade soap, find qualitu hand knitte items
Friends' Folly Farm
Pogo Pogovelc
Marcia Marron
Monmouth, ME
Phone: 2076323115
E-mail: friendsfolly@roadrunner.com
Website:  www.friendsfollyfarm.com
Building: Lawn

Wool and mohair roving and yarn, patterns and kits, knitting needles, dye; kntting/crochet, spinning, felting, and animal care books. Goats, goat pelts, up/recycled silver plate silverware and grain bags, mohair curls, wool batts, needle felting kits and supplies, hand woven, felted, crocheted rugs and accessories.
Fryeburg Pottery
Conni Whittaker

Fryeburg, ME
Phone: 2079252060
E-mail: conniwhttaker@fryeburgpottery.com
Website:  www.fryeburgpottery.com
Building: Building 2

Terracotta tableware, yarn bowls, buttons, vases, gift cards (pottery in a card)
Get a Grip!
Kathryn Bourque

Portland, ME
Phone: 2077976296
E-mail: kbourque01@gmail.com
Building: Lawn

Ruberized felting needles, multi-tools, fleting art kits, hats/gloves
Grateful Soap
Diana Wright

Trenton, ME
Phone: 2076913432
E-mail: gratefulsoap@gmail.com
Website:  www.gratefulsoap.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Handmade goat milk soap, felted wool soap, felt wool ornaments
Hamilton Farm - Barred Owl Creamery
Patti Hamilton

Whitefield, ME
Phone: 2075495497
E-mail: hamiltonfarm03@yahoo.com
Website:  www.hamiltonfarm.wordpress.com
Building: Building 1

Sheepskins, wool pillows, felted products, wool, hand spun yarn, knitted hats (from hand spun yarn - my yarn), sheep and goat milk soap, sheep and goat milk cheese (feta, chevre and blue), sheep milk fudge
Anne Brooks

Edgecomb, ME
Phone: 2073502351
E-mail: albweaves@hotmail.com
Building: Building 2

Handwoven goods including scarves, wraps, blankets, shawls, cotton rag rugs, table and kitchen linens, some yarms from my studio (mostly chenille)
Hickory Ridge Farm
Richard Beal
Drucilla Beal
Woolwich, ME
Phone: 2074435516
E-mail: drucilladay@yahoo.com
Website:  hickoryridgefarm.etsy.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Fiber, yarn (handspun), knitted articles, needle felted items
Hidden Brook Fibers
Carol Dennison

Stow, ME
Phone: 2076972008
E-mail: hiddenbrook@fairpoint.net
Website:  hiddenbrookfibers.com
Building: Building 1

Yarns, rovings, fleeces from my alpaca, angora and pygora goats, angora rabbits (dyed, handpainted and natural), small gift items handmade on my farm - woven, knitted, felted.
Highland Handmades
Heather Monroe Kinne

Brownville Jct., ME
Phone: 2077452244
E-mail: highlandhandmades@gmail.com
Website:  shop.highlandhandmades.com
Building: Lawn

Hand painted yarn and fiber, handcrafted drop spindles, drum carded batts, punis, roving and more
Hillside Rabbitry and Fibers
Penny Rice

Holden, ME
Phone: 2078430711
E-mail: Penny@HillsideRabbitry.com
Building: Beef Cattle Barn

Yarn made from 100% German Angora rabbit wool, blended with a variety of other wools, handmade garments, rabbits
Hilltop Handspun
Lucy Rogers

Lovell, ME
Phone: 2079282000
E-mail: lucy@hilltophandspun.com
Website:  www.hilltophandspun.com
Building: Building 1

Specializing in products produced and processed in Maine - including hand-dyed yarn, roving, original knitting patterns and hand knits.
Indian Lake Artisans
Pam Hoffman

Rochester, MI
Phone: 2486481218
E-mail: indianlakeartisans@gmail.com
Website:  www.indianlakeartisans.com
Building: Building 2

Handcrafted hexagonal knitting needles, circulars, single points and double points. Made in Michigan with sustainable North American hardwoods. Also, yarn bowls, shawl sticks and stitch markers.
J. Conner Hooked Rugs
Janet Conner

Hiram, ME
Phone: 2076253325
E-mail: jconnerhookedrugs@gmail.com
Website:  www.jconnerhookedrugs.com
Building: Building 1

Individually drawn and designed kits, tools, materials and supplies for rug hooking, penny rugs, miniature punch needle, proddy, hand knitting - all featuring heirloom (recycled) and hand dyed 100% wool fabric
Jan Marek Raczkowski Studio
Jan Raczkowski

Bloomfield, CT
Phone: 8602162165
E-mail: janraczkowski@comcast.net
Building: Building 1

Handcrafted yarns that are hand-spun and hand-dyed, also hand-dyed mill-spun yarns. Hand knitted one of a kind shawls, sweaters, scarves created using handcrafted yarns and artisan fibers. Vintage Buttons display.
June Pryce Fiber Arts
Jennifer Barber

West Chester, PA
Phone: 4848850509
E-mail: juneprycefiberarts@yahoo.com
Website:  www.juneprycefiberarts.etsy.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Hand dyed spinning fiber, hand dyed yarn, gradient dyed yarn (hand dyed), felted oaps, fleted soap kits, project bag sets, stitch marker sets, shawl pins, gift sets, original patterns and more
K2Acres Farm
Kevin Egers

Farmington, ME
Phone: 2077781699
E-mail: kaegers@gmail.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Unscented and scented goat milk soaps and lotions
Jennifer Lawlor

West Hartfor, CT
Phone: 8603384900
E-mail: knits4comfort@gmail.com
Website:  www.etsy.com/shop/knits4comfort
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Hand-dyed yarn, hand-dyed roving, hand-spun yarn, hand-knitted goods. For every show I do, I donate 10% of the show's profits to Breast Cancer Research Foundation in memory of my aunt.
Lara Max Artist
Lara Max

Orono, ME
Phone: 2074788032
E-mail: lara@laramaxartist.com
Website:  www.laramaxartist.com
Building: Building 2

Forged metal work, sewn wool gaments, paintings and prints, jewelry. All items I design and create.
madder root
Christina Lannan

Old Town, ME
Phone: 2076590268
E-mail: christina@madderroot.com
Website:  www.madderroot.com
Building: Lawn

Organic linen projects bags, totes, and printed accessories for fiber enthusiasts
Maelee's Magic Potion
Linda Earls

Augusta, ME
Phone: 2074464416
E-mail: thinksnowlee@roadrunner.com
Website:  www.maeleesmagicpotion.etsy.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Pamper your hands and body. Keep you skin soft and supple for working with thos delicate fibers. Our skincare products are made with 100% natural food-grade ingredients. Fiber folks absolutely swear by our products. Come see what we have developed new this year. You will love it. This is a 5th anniversary year and it all started at the Maine Fiber Frolic!
Maine Island Buttons
Rosemary Herbert

Yarmouth, ME
Phone: 6174388080
E-mail: rosemaryherbert@rcn.com
Website:  www.etsy.com/shop/MaineIslandButtons
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Porcelain and stoneward ceraminc buttons, vintage buttons, ceramic bowls, ornaments, fairy houses
Maple Lane Pottery
Robbi Fritz Portela

Windsor, ME
Phone: 2075493495
E-mail: robbi@maineclay.com
Website:  maplelanepottery.blogspot.com
Building: Building 1

Functional stoneware pottery - dinnerware, yarn bowls, buttons, farm animal figures; all functional pottery is painted by hand with fun whimsical animal designs.
Medieval Magic Organic Skin Care
Holly Ihloff

Casco, ME
Phone: 2076277561
E-mail: i.holly@hotmail.com
Website:  www.medievalmagicorganics.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

26 handmade skincare products for face, bod, infant and pet-care, pain management with benefical fragrancing. All making a professional marrigae of European Apothecary traditions and Native American healing arts, $4.50 - $56.00
Misty Acres Alpaca Farm
Connie Laliberte
Red Laliberte
Sidney, ME
Phone: 2075472268
E-mail: cllaliberte@roadrunner.com
Website:  www.mistyacresalpaca.com
Building: Lawn

Roving, yarn, socks, mittens, gloves, hats, scarves, sweaters, alpaca fiber products and elephant grass baskets.
Nightingale Fibers, LLC
Cynthia de Steuben

Greenfield, NH
Phone: 6035476645
E-mail: nightingalefibers@myfairpoint.net
Website:  www.nightingalefibers.com
Building: Building 2

Hand dyed yarns from lace to bulky weight; hand dyed and natural colored fibers (for spinning and felting); select, fine commerical yarns; knitting needles, crochet hooks and fiber related accessories; patterns; girfts for the fiber entusiast and hand knits
Nordic Weevs
Esther Sharrigan

Wiscasset, ME
Phone: 2078829820
E-mail: tulla2@roadrunner.com
Building: Building 2

Handwoven hand knit items, spinning wheels, hand spun yarn, stools, spinning related books and items.
Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm
Robin Fowler Pratt
Corry Pratt
Unity, ME
Phone: 2073564146
E-mail: nsalpacafarm@gmail.com
Website:  www.northernsolsticealpaca.com
Building: Building 2

Alpaca yarn, alpaca roving, apparel, toys, alpaca childrens books
Oasis Farm Fiber Mill
Diane Knowlen

Otisfield, ME
Phone: 2075394604
E-mail: dianeknowlen@gmail.com
Website:  www.oasisfarmfibermill.com
Building: Beef Cattle Barn

Glamour Bunny yarn (30% angora, 35% merino,35% silk). Bargain Bunny yarn (10%angora, 90% merino). Trifecta yarn (100% merino), Interweb yarn (100% wool)
One Lupine Fiber Arts//Maine Yarn and Fiber Supply
Jodi Clayton

Bangor, ME
Phone: 2072996716
E-mail: onelupine@gmail.com
Website:  www.onelupine.com
Building: Lawn

Hand felted accessories, apparel, home décor, handspun yarn, mill spun yarn, roving and spinning/felting fibers, Maine raised and single farm yarns
Rachel Jones

Owls Head, ME
Phone: 2076913685
E-mail: rachel@ontheround.com
Website:  ontheround.com
Building: Lawn

Handspun yarn, hand dyed yarn, yarn sets, fiber
pinestar studio
Linda Whiting

Denmark, ME
Phone: 2074522687
E-mail: linda@pinestarstudio.com
Website:  www.pinestarstudio.com
Building: Building 1

Hand dyed yarns and roving, natural roving, books, kits, finished goods, cards, prints
PortFiber, LLC
Casey Ryder

Portland, ME
Phone: 2077801345
E-mail: portfiber@gmail.com
Website:  www.portfiber.com
Building: Building 2

Hand dyed fiber, Maine and VT made hand cards and combs, Hokett hand looms, drum carded batts, spindles, felting kits, washe and dyed Maine locks and roving
Ridge Pond Herbals
Cari Balbo

Palermo, ME
Phone: 2072720236
E-mail: ridgepondfarm@gmail.com
Website:  www.ridgepond.com
Building: Building 1

Herbal tea blends and herbal bodycare products including creams, balms. Slaves. Oils, scrubs, lip balm and more. Many skin care products include Maine-raised, grass-fed tallow as an ingredient and I use herbs grown on my farm, whenever possible. All products are handcrafted in small batchers, all natural and perservative-free.
Nanne Kennedy

Washington, ME
Phone: 2075422587
E-mail: queen@getwool.com
Website:  www.getwool.com
Building: Lawn

Soft wool, solar dyed in sea water: yarns, sweaters, blankets
Seven Sisters Arts
Karen Grover

Blue Hill, ME
Phone: 2076135648
E-mail: sevesistersarts@gmail.com
Website:  www.sevensistersarts.com
Building: Building 2

Hand dyed yarn, gradient sents, fiber for spinners
Shadow Hill Farm
Tami Wayboer
Bob Wayboer
New Gloucester, ME
Phone: 2079264438
E-mail: shadowhillalpacas@gmail.com
Website:  www.shadowhillalpacas.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Alpaca fiber prodcuts - roving, yarn, hand-woven rugs, socks and more. Special addition this year, Icelandic fleece and CVM/Romeldale fleece
Shipyard Point Glassworks
Beverly Lamoureux

Franklin, ME
Phone: 2075652428
E-mail: spglassworks@gmail.com
Website:  www.spglassworks.com
Building: Building 2

Lampwork glass buttons, beads, bottles, fiber tools, jewelry
Shirsty Cat Designs
Kelly Straub

Norristown, PA
Phone: 6107396427
E-mail: shirstycat@yahoo.com
Website:  www.shirstycat.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Hand dyed yarn and fiber
Skidgel Studios
Cindy Skidgel

Yarmouth, ME
Phone: 2077498581
E-mail: skidgelstudios@yahoo.com
Website:  www.skidgelstudios.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Needle felted animal sculptures, 2D hanging pieces, needle felted wool balsam pillow and ornaments, handmade glass stitch markers and buttons
Spunky Eclectic
Amy King

Lisbon, ME
Phone: 2076507214
E-mail: info@spunkyeclectic.com
Website:  www.spunkyeclectic.com
Building: Building 2

Handpainted, yarns, fibers ans specialties, as well as good/tools for spinners and weavers
Starry Night Farm
Janet Scigliane Garcia

Warner, NH
Phone: 6033401596
E-mail: starrynightfarm@tds.net
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Various handpainted items: silk, yarn, roving; nuno fleting kits, assorted fiber books, some fiber equipment; alpaca socks and more
Stephen Willette - Fiber Art Tools
Stephen Willette

Bennington, NH
Phone: 6038015546
E-mail: contact@stephenwillette.com
Website:  www.stephenwillette.com
Building: Building 1

Yarn bowls, lucets, shawl pins, tapestry looms, tapestry needles, sewing needles, nostepinnes, crochet hooks, darning eggs, shed sticks, shuttles, tapestry bobbins, needle gauges - assorted handcrafted wooden fiber art tools
Stephenson Fiber Arts
Susi Stephenson

Edgecomb, ME
Phone: 2073807821
E-mail: Susie@stephensonfiberarts.com
Website:  www.stephensonfiberarts.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Fleece, roving, yarn, hand-dyed yarn, swatched and roving, hooking tools, linen backing, wearable fiber art, hooked rugs, rug hooking kits, dryer balls, wool art potholders, necklace kits, mermaid kits and patterns
String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn, Inc.
Tanis Williams

Blue Hill, ME
Phone: 2073749990
E-mail: knit@stringtheoryyarn.com
Website:  www.stringtheoryyarn.com
Building: Lawn

Hand dyed yarn
Sunshine Daydream Farm and Gardens
Michelle DeLucia

Brownfield, ME
Phone: 2079354075
E-mail: sunshinedaydreamfarm@gmail.com
Website:  www.sunshinedaydreamgardens.com
Building: Building 1

Naturally, colored plant dyed Merino/Corriedale & CVM-Romendale wool,roving, art batts, and hand-painted yarn. One of a kind wet felted hats, handbags, scarves, vests, mittens, birdpods and accessories. Wet & needle felting supplies. Books on wet-felting, needle felting and plant dyeing. Organically grown dye plant seedlings.
The Spinning Studio
Neysa Russo

Bradford, VT
Phone: 8022229240
E-mail: neysa.russo@live.com
Website:  www.thespinningstudio.com
Building: Building 2

Tapestry needle felt, finished pieces, kits and felting tools, silk mawata, bricks, noil, dyed and natural; St Blaise coombs, spinning wheels, kniddy knoddy, lazy kate, peasant combs and more.
The Upper Farm Alpacas
Nicole Carter
Greg Carter
Pownal, ME
Phone: 2076884466
E-mail: niccarr33@msn.com
Website:  www.upperfarmalpacas.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Alpaca yarns, fiber and products, rug yarn, hand-crafted peg looms, alpacas, stuffed animals
The Weaving Edge
Donna DeFlumeri
Anastasia DeFlumeri
Lunnenburg, VT
Phone: 8026951110
E-mail: weavedge@myfairpoint.net
Website:  www.theweavingedge.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Flyers from our fiber animals, handspun yarns traditional and novelty, felted items, Giant REE rabbits, finished fiber products, items we developed for o sustainable lifestyle
The Wooley Whale
Arlyne Wenzowitz
Bob Wenzowitz
Palermo, ME
Phone: 2079936277
E-mail: wooleywhale@yahoo.com
Website:  www.thewooleywhale.com
Building: Lawn

Hand dyed yarns and rovings, knitting kits (hats, mittens, socks, slippers), hand knit and hand woven scarves, embroidered felt hairclips, spindle kits and spindles, knitting needles, row and stitch markers
The Yarn and Fiber Company
Cynthia Catt

Derry, NH
Phone: 6035054432
E-mail: cyndi@yarnandfiber.com
Building: Lawn

Yarns and fibers, hand dyed and natural , drop spindles, big knitting needles and kntting and spinning with friends t-shirts
The Yarn Shop at Foster Farm - Wool & Soap for Ewe
Carole Foster

Schuylerville, NY
Phone: 5182254349
E-mail: fostersheepfarm@gmail.com
Website:  www.fostersheepfarm.com/the-yarn-shop/
Building: Building 2

The Yarn Shop at Foster Farm - Wool and Soap for EWE: Local Romney-Wensleydale roving, fleece, and yarn; needles, notions, patterns, Kromski wheels, rigid heddle looms, drop spindles, books and magazines, and high end commercial yarns. Plus unique sheep milk and mineral water artisanal soaps, in an array of moisturizing bars and novelty shapes.
Tidal Yarns
Patricia Fortinsky

Old Lyme, CT
Phone: 8605102845
E-mail: tidalyarns@comcast.net
Website:  www.tidalyarns.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Naturally dyed yarns spun from New England fleeces, Original knitting patterns, handwoven blankets
Top Notch Alpaca Farm
Heather Pontau

Topsham, ME
Phone: 2075929811
E-mail: heatherpontau@gmail.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Products from Maine faised alpacas, including yarn, socks, scarves, hats, mittens, bird nest builders and more
Twisted Maple Farm
April Reed-Cox
Oren Robinson
Waldoboro, ME
Phone: 2078321268
E-mail: twistedmaplefarm@gmail.com
Website:  www.etsy.come/shop/twistedmaplefarm
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Hand-spun yarn, hand-spun/hand-dyed yarn, hand-knit items from my yarn, roving, raw fleece, potentially Angra fiber
Two Grey Dogs Designs
Brianna Olson
Bronwen Bamford
Wlimington, MA
Phone: 6073516770
E-mail: twogreydogsdesigns@gmail.com
Website:  www.etsy.com/shop/twogreydogsdesigns
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Handdyed sock yarn, with coordination jewelry and accessories, many featuring handpainted wooden elements (eg beads)
Undercover Concepts
Jennifer Miller

Lamoine, ME
Phone: 2076640839
E-mail: jmiller62428@roadrunner.com
Website:  www.etsy.com/shop/jennifermiller
Building: Building 1

Quilts, wall hangings, placemats, runners, ladies clothing and accessories, purses, doll clothes, jewelry and beads.
Underhill Fibers
Jenny Smith

Gorham, ME
Phone: 2078922617
E-mail: underhillfiber@yahoo.com
Website:  www.underhillfibers.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Angora rabbits, pygora goats, Finn and Cormo cross sheep. Hand spinning fibers, yarns and knit goods, starter drop spindles. Specializing in soft spinning blends from my farm, homemade soaps. Questions answered.
Warner Graphics
Stacey Warner

Camden, ME
Phone: 2072362065
E-mail: stacey@warnergraphics.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Baskets, yarn, pottery
White Berry Farm and Rabbitry
Sarah Berry
Wayne Berry
North Monmouth, ME
Phone: 207312-0134
E-mail: whiteberryfarmandrabbitry@gmail.com
Website:  www.whiteberryfarmandrabbitry@facebook.com
Building: Beef Cattle Barn

Yarn, roving, batts, knitted goods, felted items, all products from English Angora, mohair goats and Finn sheep on our fam in Monmouth; English Angora bunnies
Winchell Clayworks
Dorothy Winchell

Acton, ME
Phone: 2076513996
E-mail: dwinchelldesigns@gmail.com
Website:  www.winchell-clayworks.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Pottery; yarn bowls, knitting related cups and mugs, handmade buttons
Winter Brook Farm and Fiber Mill
Sally Harney

Oxford, ME
Phone: 2075399991
E-mail: winterbrookfiber@hotmail.com
Website:  www.winterbrookfiber.com
Building: Dairy Cattle Barn

Roving, dryer balls, some knitted items, some locker hooking supplies

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