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2022 Vendors

Vendors, if there is an error in your information, please let us know and we will correct the problem

JMR Studio
Jan Raczkowski

Bloomfield , CT
Phone: 860-534-0710
E-mail: janraczkowski@comcast.net
Website:  www.jmrstudio.net
Building: 1

hand spun and hand dyed yarn, hand knitted wearables, vintage buttons
Ruby Roux Yarn
Renee Mallett

Windham, NH
Phone: 978-394-2127
E-mail: contact@reneemallett.com
Website:  www.rubyrouxyarn.com
Building: 1

Hand dyed fibers, gifts for knitters, tools for knit, crochet, dyeing
Sunshine Apothecary
Debi Glenn
Corenna Dick
Newport, ME
Phone: 207-416-4885
E-mail: sunshineapothecary@gmail.com
Website:  sunshineapothecary.com
Building: 1

Prim(Pain reiief in Minutes) wildcrafted locally made herbal creams, salves, teas and tinctures
Pinestar Studio
Linda Whiting

Denmark, ME
Phone: 207-452-2687
E-mail: pinestarlinda@me.com
Website:  www.pinestarstudio.com
Building: 1

hand-dyed yarns, kits, cards, patterns, some finished items, books
J. Conner Hooked Rugs
Janet Connor

Hiram, ME
Phone: 207-256-7718
E-mail: jconnorhookedrugs@gmail.com
Website:  www.jconnorhookedrugs.com
Building: 1

Supplies & Materials for traditional woolcrafts of: Rug Hooking, Punch needle, Proddy & Penny Rugs all with hand dyed wool
Donna Carlstrom

North Andover, MA
Phone: 603-533-0664
E-mail: sheepshed@earthlink.net
Website:  www.sheepshed.net
Building: 1

fiber, sheep pottery, shampoo, dyes, soaps, yarns, moth repellant, dryer balls, gloves, socks, hats, felt pumpkins
Belfast Fiber Arts
Alice Seeger

Belfast, ME
Phone: 207-323-5248
E-mail: alice@belfastfiberarts.com
Website:  www.belfastfiberarts.com
Building: 1

Looms, spinning wheels, carding tools, dyed fiber, Rug hooking supplies, yarn, embroidery kits
Ellen Cooper's Yarn Sonnets
Ellyn Cooper

Sprague, CT
Phone: 860-884-9749
E-mail: ecyarnsonnets@sbcglobal.net
Website:  www.ellyncoopersyarnsonnets.shop
Building: 1

Hand dyed yarns, natural fibers such as wool or cotton, buttons, garments and patterns
Dirigo Hill Farm LLC
Tamara Lindsey

Winthrop, ME
Phone: 207-577-4372
E-mail: dirigohillfarm@gmail.com
Website:  facebook.com/dirigohillfarm
Building: 1

Coopworth, Border Leicester, Cormo and Finn roving & Batts, Flight of Fleece Spinning boxes, handmade drop spindles, handfelted items
Gilead Fiber Farm
Kristen Judkins

Randolph, VT
Phone: 802-231-6594
E-mail: shepherd@gileadfiberfarm.com
Website:  gileadfiberfarm.com
Building: 1

Finn and Shetland Wool products - yarn, roving, batts, mohair locks, naturally dyed
Carol Lake Studios
Carol Lake

Canterbury, NH
Phone: 603-831-2630
E-mail: carol@carollakestudios.com
Website:  www.carollakestudios.com
Building: 1

handmade ceramic sculptures, pottery, fine art and handsculpted silver & bronze jewelry(lots of sheep!)
The Purple Acorn
Cheryl Goguen

Harpswell, ME
Phone: 207-232-2363
E-mail: thepurpleacorn@live.com
Website:  The purple acorn on FB
Building: 1

coiled fiber baskets (Made in the style of S.C Gullah baskets and Native American baskets, natural fibers, cotton, linen, bamboo, hemp, wool)
A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm
Marty Elkin
Mary Ann Haxton
Sumner , ME
Phone: 207-212-4058
E-mail: info@awrinkleinthymefarm.com
Website:  www.awrinkleinthymefarm.com
Building: 1

Kits, tools, pelts, yarn, needle felted art, felted and knitted items, spinning wheels, patterns, batts, roving, knitting books
The Perfect Heist
Vivan Pratte

Richmond, ME
Phone: 207-215-6712
E-mail: maineheist@gmail.com
Website:  www.etsy.com/shop/theperfectheist
Building: 2

shawl pins, roving dizes, orifice hooks, stitch markers and scissor fobs
Dirty Water Dye Wrks
Stephanie Griego

Watertown, MA
Phone: 781-460-3188
E-mail: info@dirtywaterdyeworks.com
Website:  www.dirtywaterdyeworks.com
Building: 2

yarn bundles, hand dyed yarn, knitting kits
Elena Anderson

Simsbury, CT
Phone: 413-455-9378
E-mail: elenavanderson@gmail.com
Website:  www.baahboots.com
Building: 2

100% wool handmade slippers, shoes, vests, hats, tops & accessories all handmade wool felt
Port Fiber
Casey Ryder

Portland, ME
Phone: 207-780-1345
E-mail: portfiber@gmail.com
Website:  www.portfiber.com
Building: 2

hand-dyed fiber, yarn, drop spindles, felting kits, books & magazines, notions
Seacolors Yarnery
Nanne Kennedy

Washington, ME
Phone: 207-845-2587
E-mail: queen@getwool.com
Website:  www.getwool.com
Building: 2

Home grown & hand dyed yarns, one of a kind sweaters & linited editiond blankets, cedar sachets
The Felting Studio
Neysa Russo

Bradford, VT
Phone: 802-449-3118
E-mail: neysa.russon@live.com
Website:  www.thefeltingstudio.com
Building: 2

Felt tapestries, kits, felt supplies, books, felting tools, silk
Stephen Willette - Fiber Art Tools
Stephen Willette

Bennington, NH
Phone: 603-801-5546
E-mail: contact@stephenwillette.com
Website:  www. stephenwillette.com
Building: 2

Yarn bowls, lucets, shawl pins, tapestry looms, tapestry needles, sewing needles, nostepinnes, crochet hooks, darning eggs, shed sticks, shuttles, tapestry bobbins, needle gauges - assorted handcrafted wooden fiber art tools
Acker's Acres Angoras
Beth Acker

New Glouster, ME
Phone: 207-926-4921
E-mail: backer@maine.rr.com
Website:  www.bunnyblend.com
Building: 2

Angora and Bunny Blend fiber, yarn, finshed goods - hats, scarves, mittens. Drop spindles, spinning wheels, bunnies.
Knit Fit LLC
MIchelle McCann

Bar Harbor, ME
Phone: 207-288-3120
E-mail: get.knitfit@gmail.com
Website:  getknitfit.com
Building: 2

Knit Fit kits- portable bags with how to guid, yarn needles & patter, yarn kits, knit fit pinneys, tshirts, posters wallets
Nightingale Fibers, LLC
Cynthia deSteuben

Greenfield, NH
Phone: 603-562-6646
E-mail: nightingalefibers@myfairpoint.net
Website:  www.nightingalefibers.com
Building: 2

handdyed yarn and spinning fibers, knitting needles and accessories, patterns, button and gifts for fiber artists
Shirtsy Cat Designs
Kelly Straub

Norristown, PA
Phone: 610-739-6427
E-mail: contact@shirstycat.com
Website:  www.shirtsycat.com
Building: 2

small batch hand dyed yarn, spinning and felting fibers
Four Hearts Farm Mainely Fiber
Kala Godard

Waterboro, ME
Phone: 207-347-9138
E-mail: fourheartsfarmwaterboro@gmail.com
Website:  www.fourheartsfarm.org
Building: 2

U.S. Sources & processed, hand dyed fibers, yarns & finished goods. Chiagoo needles, Ashford products. Kits for felting, spinning, weaving, handmade stitch markers.
Lara Max Artist
Lara Max

Orono, ME
Phone: 207-478-8032
E-mail: eskerridgefarm@hotmail.com
Website:  www.laramaxartist.com
Building: 2

Art & Blacksmith work
Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm
Ellen Minard

Norwich, VT
Phone: 802-649-5420
E-mail: ellenshalfpintfarm@gmail.com
Website:  www.ellenshalfpintfarm.com
Building: 2

Hand painted yarns & fiber, Knitting accessories, beading, felting and dyeing supplies Hand quilted project bags and wool fabric, wool wash, kits
Big Sky Farm Handweaving
Lee Greenwalt

Shoreham, VT
Phone: 802-758-2598
E-mail: leliaphg@hotmail.com
Website:  www.leeweaves.weebly.com
Building: 2

handwoven blankets, rag rugs, hand towels, hand knit caps and mittens
Peaked Mountain Mandalas
Karen Allen

Hallowell, ME
Phone: 207-242-6581
E-mail: allenx2@gwi.net
Website:  www.karenjordanallen.com
Building: 2

Nature photos and cards, nature mandala prints, cards, and fabric crafts, project bags, cushions, and hangings
Seven Sisters Arts
Karen Grover

Penobscot, ME
Phone: 207-613-5648
E-mail: sevensistersarts@gmail.com
Website:  www.sevensistersarts.com
Building: 2

Hand dyed Fiber and Yarn
Fantastic Farm Yarn
Christina Boucher

West Baldwin, ME
Phone: 207-787-1179
E-mail: fantasticfarm@myfairpoint.net
Website:  www.etsy.com/shop/fantasticfarm
Building: 2

handspun and hand dyed yarn and batting made from locally produced fiber
Jagger Spun Yarn
Susan Mills

Springvale, ME
Phone: 207-324-4455
E-mail: smills@jaggeryarn.com
Website:  www.jaggerspunyarn.com
Building: 2

Worsted spun wool yarns, spun in Maine
Heron Crossing Farm
Diane Hoppe

Whitefield, ME
Phone: 207-242-6385
E-mail: heroncrossing@gmail.com
Website:  www.heroncrossingfarm.com
Building: DCB

Finn sheep. Finn & Finn blend roving, yarn, kinttend and woven garments
Miracle Garden Hoe
Susan Rowland

Lisbon, ME
Phone: 207-329-6129
E-mail: seerowland@yahoo.com
Building: DCB

Garden hoe
Rockin' Sheep Farm
Robin Beck

Livermore Falls, ME
Phone: 207-233-0779
E-mail: Rockinsheepfarm@gmail.com
Website:  www.rockinsheepfarm.com
Building: DCB

Maine grown sheep and Lamb pelts, Fleece, beeswaswraps, forged items, all natural soaps, candles, dryer balls, turned spinning tools
Maine Fiber Workshop
Kendra Millis

Sidney, ME
Phone: 207-547-2084
E-mail: khmillis@gmail.com
Website:  www.mainefiberworkshop.com
Building: DCB

hand-dyed yarn & fiber, undyed wool and wool blends, hand spun yarn, baskets
Mrs Hartman's Farmhouse Market
Emily Hartman

Bucksport, ME
Phone: 406-499-1452
E-mail: mrshartmansoap@outlook.com
Website:  hartmansfarmhousemarket.com
Building: DCB

American grown fiber and yarn, handmade soap, skincare, candles and apparel. Specializing in Leicester Longwool for Shavem to Savem
Bully Woolies
Stacey Warner

Camden, ME
Phone: 207-542-8867
E-mail: stacey@bullywoolies.com
Website:  www.bullywoolies.com
Building: DCB

yarn, knit kits, african market baskets, knitting patterns and notions
Sunset Fiber Works
Suzanne Banghart

Hanover, MD
Phone: 410-299-0384
E-mail: brothwisk20@gmail.com
Building: DCB

Natural dyed yarns (Wool, Silk, Camel, Yak, & Mohair), Dyes used Indigo, Cochineal, Madder, Osage, Logwood, handknit hats, scarves, and handwoven shawls
Tidal Yarns
Patricia Fortinsky

Old Lyme, CT
Phone: 860-510-2845
E-mail: tidalyarns42@gmail.com
Website:  www.tidalyarns.com
Building: DCB

Naturally dyed yarns from locally sourced fleeces & locally spun, original knitting patterns
Catawampus Farm
Janet Beardsley

Minot, ME
E-mail: catawampusfarm@gmail.com
Website:  www.catawampusfarm.com
Building: DCB

wool, mohair, yarn, roving, locks, raw fleece, sheepskins
Moon Crazy Fibre Arts
Diantha Bleau

South Paris, ME
Phone: 207-694-0326
E-mail: mooncrazyfibre@gmail.com
Website:  www.mooncrazyfibrearts.com
Building: DCB

Felted soap, hand dyed roving, handspun yarn, cottage spun yarn, wooden soap dished, felted cat toys
Underhill Fibers
Jenny Smith

Gorham, ME
Phone: 207-756-0076
E-mail: underhillfiber@yahoo.com
Website:  www.underhillfibers.com
Building: DCB

Custom Spinning & Carding Services, Spinning fibers and yarns from my own sheep
Hidden Brook Fibers
Carol Dennison

Stow, ME
Phone: 207-697-2008
E-mail: hiddenbrook@fairpoint.net
Website:  hiddenbrookfibers.com
Building: DCB

Yarns, rovings, fleeces from my sheep and alpaca (dyed, handpainted and natural), small gift items handmade on my farm - woven, knitted, felted.
Hawthorn and Thistle Farmstead
Steph Grant

Washington, ME
Phone: 207-315-0709
E-mail: hawthornandthistle@gmail.com
Building: DCB

Hand spun yarn, hand dyed yarn, beeswax candles, knit goods, felted products, sheep and goat sausage
BartlettYarns, Inc
Lindsey Rice
Susan Rice
Harmony, ME
Phone: 207-683-2251
E-mail: sales@bartlettyarns.com
Website:  www.bartlettyarns.com
Building: Lawn

Yarn roving, blankets, knitwear, craft kits, buttons, notions, patterns books
Bartlett Fiber Washing, Inc
Lindsey Rice
Susan Rice
Barrington, NH
Phone: 207-683-2251
E-mail: sales@bartlettyarns.com
Website:  www.bartlettyarns.com
Building: Lawn

Purchase of wool, fiber washing services, custom processing services, wash card spin weave
TLC Fiber Farm
Kevin Banfield
MaryBeth Banfield
Waldoboro, ME
Phone: 207-790-8086
E-mail: tlcfiberfarm@gmail.com
Website:  www.tlcfiberfarm.com
Building: Lawn

Hand dyed alpaca yarn and fiber farm from rescued animals, Alpaca yarn, gifts & accessories, hand dyed merino yarn, knitted samples
Dick's Sticks
Richard Tasker

Plymouth, ME
Phone: 207-341-2492
E-mail: nancy4626@gmail.com
Building: Lawn

Made in Maine walking sticks, canes, benches & ongoing demos
Eternal Knot
Amy Van Natter

Harrington, ME
Phone: 207-812-5601
E-mail: amy@eternalknotstudio.com
Website:  www.eternalknotstudio.com
Building: Lawn

Hand embroidery - Framed, Bags, table linens, holiday décor, home décor, diy kits
Fermanagh Farm
Heidi McCaffery

Washington, ME
Phone: 207-542-3549
E-mail: heidimccaffery36@gmail.com
Website:  fermanaghfarm.com
Building: Lawn

Gotland & Teeswater raw wool, batts, rug yarn, goats milk soap, felted soaps, moisturizer, alpaca hats, handmade alpaca dolls
Misty Acres Alpaca Farm
Connie Laliberte

Sidney, ME
Phone: 207-547-2268
E-mail: cllaliberte@roadrunner.com
Website:  www.mistyacresalpaca.com
Building: Lawn

Roving, yarn, socks, mittens, gloves, hats, scarves, sweaters, alpaca fiber products
No Repeats Fiberworks
Jo Eaton

Gorham, ME
Phone: 207-383-0421
E-mail: norepeatsfiberworks@gmail.com
Website:  www.norepeatsfiberworks.com
Building: Lawn

One of a Kind crochet hats of handspun & commercial fibers. Kits for beanies & needlefelted pins
Homespun Girls & Maritime Family Fiber
Lacie Glidden
Rhonda Craven
Cutler, ME
Phone: 207-259-6165
E-mail: maritimefamilyfiber@gmail.com
Website:  www.maritimefamilyfiber.com
Building: Lawn

handpainted yarns, knit kits, small selection of felted animals
Joelsa Farm Fiber
Susan Kendrick

New Glouster, ME
Phone: 207-577-5308
E-mail: sheprdgrl@aol.com
Building: Lawn

wool, weaving and fiber art products
Maine Crafty Bags
Deb Large

Farmingdale, ME
Phone: 207-458-4110
E-mail: deblarge8@gmail.com
Website:  mainecraftybags.com
Building: Lawn

Beautifully sewn bags of high quality fabrics and wonderfully matched colors. Includes 6 bags syles of original design, plus wallets. My bags, The Knot Bag, can be used to hold projects especially for knitting on the go
Ledgeway Farm
Sarah Perkins

Pittston, ME
Phone: 207-446-7143
E-mail: ledgewayfarm@gmail.com
Website:  ledgewayfarm.com
Building: Lawn

Varieties of goatmilk soap and other skin nourishing products
One Lupine
Jodi Clayton

Bangor, ME
Phone: 207-299-6716
E-mail: onelupine@gmail.com
Website:  www.onelupine.com
Building: Lawn

hand dyed and spun yarn, roving & finnished apparel and accessories
Frelsi Farm Icelandics
Elaine Clark

Limerick, ME
Phone: 207-653-3193
E-mail: frelsi@roadrunner.com
Website:  www.mainesheepfarm.com
Building: Lawn

Icelandic wool yarns, blends with silk, alpaca & mohair, roving, sheep horn buttons, handwoven rugs
Yarn and Fiber
Cynthia Catt

Derry, NH
Phone: 603-505-4432
E-mail: cyndi@yarnandfiber.com
Website:  www.yarnandfiber.com
Building: Lawn

handdyed yarn and fiber, drop spindles, notions, tshirts, patterns
Crows Rise Farm
Karen Cornell

Anson, ME
Phone: 207-578-1000
E-mail: thebunnylady87@yahoo.com
Website:  www.crowsrisefarm.com
Building: RB

angora, alpaca and wool hand spun and knit garments, wool & angora felt hats
Barber's Bunnies
Anna Barber

Breman , ME
Phone: 207-529-5977
E-mail: abarber@tidewater.net
Website:  The Barbers Bunnies on FB
Building: RB

Angora, raw fiber, roving, yarn, knitted and needlefelted items
Tall Pine Alpacas & Angora
Catherine Stebbins-Peterson

Freeport , ME
Phone: 207-939-3870
E-mail: alpacacath@gmail.com
Website:  www.woolscapesme.com
Building: RB

Alpaca & Angora Roving, handspun yarn , knitted items, yarn & fiber art
Daylilly B True Angoras
Sandra Grecenko

Windsor, ME
Phone: 207-689-7031
E-mail: daylillybtrue@yahoo.com
Website:  facebook@daylillybtrue
Building: RB

100% angora yarns, angora fiber, wool fiber, art yarns, angora, wool, blends
Circle S Farm
Sally Hamel

E. Kingston, NH
Phone: 508-317-0334
E-mail: shughesgram_1@yahoo.com
Building: RB

Agora rabbits and their products, hat scarves etc
Evergreen Farm
Louise Walsh

Carver, MA
Phone: 508-823-2377
E-mail: louisewalsh@gmail.com
Website:  www.evergreenfarm.shop
Building: RB

Angora rabbits, hand spun yarns, fibers, handcrafted wearables. Felting supplies
TurboFluffed Creations LLC
Liz Bernier

Whitefield, NH
Phone: 603-986-2753
E-mail: lbernier27@live.com
Website:  turbofluffedcreation.etsy.com
Building: RB

Angora Products,(handspun, millspun, batts, raw fiber) wool combed top, batts, handspun yarn, finished accessories, shawls, hats, scarves

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